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Hello, Students! Play our fun SchoolDoku game to increase your knowledge of world geography and chance to win amazing prizes!


How to Play

Welcome to Schooldoku!

Objective: Fill the 9x9 grid with 9 available images, ensuring that each row, column, and the 3x3 subgrid contains only one occurrence of each image.

Game Rules:

Grid: You have a 9x9 grid divided into 9 smaller 3x3 grids. Each cell can contain a image from 9 available images.

Selecting a Cell: To select a cell, simply tap or click on it. The selected cell will be highlighted, and all cells in the same row, column, and 3x3 subgrid will be bordered to help you keep track.

Entering a Image: Once a cell is selected, you can enter a image by tapping the image bottom pad. Only valid images are allowed. If you make an incorrect move, you will hear an error sound, and your incorrect moves count will increase.

Winning: The game is won when you successfully fill the entire grid with correct images, satisfying the Sudoku rules. Congratulations!

Game Over: Be careful! If you make 5 incorrect moves, the game will be over, and you will need to start again.

Best Time: Your best time will only be updated on the game result page if your new time is shorter than your previous best time. Strive to beat your own records!

Trivia Popups: During the game, trivia questions will periodically appear. Choose the correct answer to continue playing. If you select the wrong answer, you will hear an error sound, and your time will be penalized with an automatic 10-second increment.


~ Use logic and deductive reasoning to solve the puzzle.

~ Pay attention to the images already filled in and their placements in rows, columns, and subgrids.

~ Be cautious with your moves, as incorrect entries can lead to game over.

Enjoy the challenge of SchoolDoku and have fun improving your skills! Good luck!